Time Off v3 for iOS major upgrade

Published on September 19, 2016 by  Time Off
Time Off iOS Side by Side

Major upgrade… 100% based on user feedback!

The new version of the app has an improved UI, advanced accruals, backup/sync, and co-worker notifications.

1) Updated layout and graphics.

2) New intro slideshow.

3) Supervisor “web approval” for Time Off Requests (requires push notifications).

4) New advanced accruals wizard allows you to setup your allotted time per year, accrual period, and more. All of the calculations are clearly displayed showing how much time you have available at any moment. (requires newsletter signup)

5) New Cloud Sync protects your data with cloud backup and sync across devices. (requires in-app purchase)

6) New Co-Worker notifications.

7) Increased leave category limitation from 5 to 12.

8) Added PDF report format.

9) New feedback and support tools.

10) New job selector in the header. Allows you to list all your jobs and switch quickly.

Available on the App Store
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