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If your time off tracker is a source of frustration, it’s time to reconsider your process. Time Off Cloud’s automated time off solution is the answer.

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Time Off Cloud makes it easy to manage Employee Time Off

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No more paper forms, emails, or manual processes!

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in forms and email requests for employees’ time off?

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No more updating  spreadsheets and calendars!

Still using paper forms, calendars, spreadsheets, and other tools for tracking employee time off?

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No more manual calculations and chaos!

What if all these time off tasks could be completed with little to no work for everyone?

Advanced Paid Time Off Tracking Solutions

When Time Off Cloud launched, the goal was clear: create a simple solution that would eliminate the most common time off tracker issues facing employees and managers today. That goal was achieved with the launch of a platform and companion app that empowers employees, streamlines tasks for managers, and simplifies the data analysis for HR professionals and administrators. 

Traditional paid time off tracker solutions were heavily dependent on spreadsheets, manual data entry, and calculations that had to be completed by hand. Time Off Cloud has transformed that process. Our software gives employees the ability to view their data and enter requests whenever they wish. Managers can approve or deny those requests in moments, HR staff can access company data quickly, and calculations are automatic. 

Common Obstacles to Effective Leave Management 

The issue with relying on manual calculations is that mistakes happen. This can mean incorrect pay for employees, which is detrimental to overall levels of engagement. And when managers lose written requests or forget verbal requests, employees may become frustrated and productivity goes down. It’s a common issue because it’s hard for managers to keep up with time off requests when voicemails, emails, and sticky notes are the primary method of communication. 

In addition to the issues that impact frontline workers, HR professionals and administrators face their own set of challenges. Traditional spreadsheet-based tracking methods make it nearly impossible to stay on top of how much time has been used. That means the end of the year can get sticky — too many employees with leftover time that needs to be paid out or taken at the last minute, which can leave the floor completely deserted during the busy holiday season. 

Of course, those are just a few of the many issues that crop up when attendance tracking methods are ineffective. But that’s enough to know that it’s time for a better solution. Time Off Cloud’s tracking software is that solution.  

Needs Assessment 

Take a moment to answer these questions about your existing attendance tracking process: 

  • Do employees know how much paid time off they are eligible for and when they are eligible to take it? 
  • Can employees see their paid and unpaid time off balances? 
  • Is there a defined process for employees to request leave? 
  • Do managers consistently provide responses to team members’ time off requests? 
  • Does the business have visibility into how much time off employees have used and how much they have left to take? 
  • How long does it take for HR staff and administrators to pull, organize, and analyze time off data? 

If the answers to these questions concern you, it’s time to reconsider your time off tracking process. Time Off Cloud’s solution is the answer. 

Key Features

Time Off Cloud’s time off tracker started out as a simple tool for employees to request time off and managers to provide timely responses. It has since grown to a robust collection of advanced tracking tools. Some of the most popular ones include: 

  • Employee access to individual information online or through a mobile app
  • Manager access to team data anytime, anywhere
  • Administrator access to organizational details through the portal or via mobile app
  • Customizable leave categories and policies to match existing benefits plans
  • Fast, detailed reporting that delivers real-time information for easy analysis
  • Forecasting tools that support the business in managing staffing 
  • Individual, team, and enterprise calendars to ensure adequate staffing levels during peak time off periods 

And that’s just the beginning. Time Off Cloud has dozens of features to simplify tracking for businesses of all sizes. We also provide all the information you need to implement the system in your business.

Most importantly, the platform is affordable, so it is within reach for all types of organizations. Many clients realize a return on their investment within months of implementation. 

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