The Time Off app was developed to help hard working employees request and track their Time Off. Time Off Cloud was developed by the team at Meta Section, LLC.

With the Time Off App, you get a detailed overview of the different leave categories, how much Time Off you have taken, available balances, as well as a simple way for you to request leave from your supervisor or employer.

Let Time Off keep track of everything through a single, beautifully laid out and simple to use platform that does all the hard work for you! No more trying to work out your available Time Off by counting on your fingers and desperately trying to remember when you were away from work and why!

You can add as many jobs to the app as you like, so planning a family vacation is simple! Just add each family member and their jobs.

Jim Czekner and Sean Hoger have worked together since 1993 and founded Meta Section in January 2011. They have managed a multitude of companies, departments and teams in that time and they know how important Time Off is. Not only does it allow employees to relax away from the pressures of work, they return to work happy and rested which maximizes their productivity.

We wanted to make it simple for employees to take advantage of the benefits due to them, and they wanted to make it just as easy for managers and supervisors to respond to requests for time off.

Version 3 is currently available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The team is hard at work on the next update with new features to aid both employees and employers.

Jim Czekner
CEO and Cofounder

Sean Hoger
CTO and Cofounder

Meta Section, LLC

2780 Bristol Pike
Suite 25
Bensalem, PA 19020


(800) 509-2994

support @ timeoffcloud . com