We Are Making “Time Off” Happen

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by making it easy for them to take time off. We help leaders such as Office Managers and HR Professionals get control of the chaos caused by nonexistent or inefficient leave request processes.

Time Off Cloud is a standalone time off and PTO tracking system with mobile and web applications for requesting and approving time off. Gone are the days of manual accrual calculations and updating various calendars & spreadsheets.

Our Values



Be compassionate and demonstrate empathy.



Do the right thing even when no one is watching.



Learn quickly and adapt.



Be responsible and predictable.

Our Journey

We started back in 2015 with the development of mobile apps to assist individuals with requesting and tracking their time off. Since then, the “Time Off” mobile apps have been downloaded tens of thousands of times! A very exciting journey.

After speaking with hundreds of Time Off mobile users and receiving encouragement from people worldwide, we developed and launched Time Off Cloud for businesses. Time Off Cloud is a web portal used to centrally manage an organization’s leave programs, employee records, and of course… time off workflows.

Time Off Cloud provides Administrators, Managers, and Employees with the innovative PTO management tools to make time off happen!

Are you ready? Give it a try, today!