Effective Calculations, Balances, and Reporting with Time Off Cloud

Ensure accuracy in accruals, calculations, balances, and reporting with Time Off Cloud’s user-friendly PTO tracker.

Time Off Cloud guarantees precision in allocations, accruals, calculations, balances, and reporting within an intuitive and comprehensive PTO management system.

Manual PTO tracker processes fall short when you aim to gain a holistic view. Fortunately, Time Off Cloud automates calculations for accuracy and maintains real-time updates. Our cutting-edge PTO tracking software ensures employees always have a clear understanding of their available leave benefits.

Furthermore, our advanced reporting tools provide valuable insights across your entire organization. You can assess the current state of affairs and stay on track to meet future goals with confidence.

Empower Your Leave Management with Advanced Calculation Tools

Time Off Cloud’s leave calculations tool is a powerful asset that can differentiate between fiscal and calendar years. It offers flexibility to handle various accrual methods, and you have the option to customize the system to permit rollover of accrued time.

Moreover, you can set limits on the number of days and hours that employees can roll over each year, as well as their total time-off accumulation. This level of automation in absence management saves valuable time, ensuring that your workforce benefits from accurate and efficient leave management.

Calculations, Balances, and Reporting Functions Offer Unprecedented Insight into Use of Your Time Off Programs 

More importantly, you can run reports to see how much time off you still owe your team right now, as well as what those figures will look like on future dates of your choosing. That’s great for matching time off to fiscal years and benefit start dates.

Time Off Cloud offers insight into how time off is being used in your organization. Allocations, accruals, and hours taken are updated in real-time, so you always know where your team stands.

Managers, administrators, and HR professionals appreciate the ability to create reports listing all time off requests and whether they were approved. That makes it possible to identify trends, understand employee and manager habits, and resolve any disputes that arise. It’s a whole new absence management experience.

Time Off Cloud Makes It Possible to Predict the Future

Reporting features aren’t just for looking back at the transactions that have already occurred. With Time Off Cloud, you can generate PTO tracker reports showing accruals as of a selected future date. This gives you the power to forecast outstanding time off before the end of the year. No more unpleasant surprises during your year-end wrap-up when you discover large unused balances.

Use Time Off Cloud’s reporting tools to gain insight into the organization as a whole. You can also drill down to see specific departments, teams, and even individual employees. It’s PTO tracking and absence management that works for everyone.

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