Manage Marketing and Creative Agencies Time Off

Taking the necessary steps to manage a marketing or creative agencies staff time off is crucial to increasing and maintaining productivity.

The brilliant people on your staff fuel your creative agency. Finding the best ways to handle attendance tracking, time off, and absence management is a constant struggle. You need solutions that make your staff member’s lives easier. At the same time, your attendance tracking methods need a streamlined approach for your administrators and managers.

If you don’t have key data at your fingertips, you risk losing track of your resources. In the worst-case scenario, this can mean falling behind on deliverable schedules, which could upset your clients. Even in the best-case scenario, lack of transparency in scheduling means extra work for management and your HR team.

Time Off Cloud puts all the pieces together to make your PTO tracking easy to manage and totally transparent.

Time Off Cloud | Your PTO Tracking Solution

Time Off Cloud offers an intuitive, all-in-one solution that streamlines the process for creative agencies. Your industry is unique. You might have key personnel working in the office, at another location, in meetings with clients, or remotely. You may work with a hybrid model where some of your staff is in the office while other members work from home.

For creative and marketing agencies, there are often many team members working on multiple projects. Keeping track of staff can be less straightforward than in other industries. Your team members may not be punching a traditional clock. That can mean they’re working longer hours and have more trouble differentiating between their work time and personal time.

Allocating time off is absolutely imperative. There’s a much higher level of burnout in the field. Finding ways to encourage your staff to take time when they need it is one key part of creating a company culture where people can flourish. Your creative staff produces at a higher level when they’re excited about the work and supported by their company. Giving them the power to oversee and access their schedules makes their work/life balance easier to manage.

You also need a solution that simplifies the process for the administrators, HR, and managers. Manual time off requests can get lost in the shuffle. Tracking sheets and paper forms are burdensome and lead to data entry mistakes. The best approach to your PTO tracking lets your staff efficiently allocate PTO and track personnel. This gives management a full picture of which staff members will be available.

Manage Marketing and Creative Agencies Time Off

With the tools of Time Off Cloud, your creative agency can streamline the workflow involved in internal scheduling. Your staff has many responsibilities in dealing with various projects and multiple clients. Creative agencies benefit from an organized approach that empowers management and staff.

Some benefits include:

  • Managed Employee Leave Policies. With Time Off Cloud, you can put a comprehensive employee leave policy in place. This helps staff keep up with their current accrued PTO and gives them a quick reference so they always know how many days off they have during a set time period. Make it simple for your staff to plan their personal lives around their professional lives so they can have the best of both worlds.
  • PTO Request Workflow. This is a jewel of the Time Off Cloud solution. Your employees can easily request their PTO through a mobile app or website. The process is completely user-friendly and gives administrators all the information they need through a request system. Once approved, the PTO is scheduled so that you never have to worry about disorganization in scheduling.
  • Eliminate Data Entry Errors. Paper forms and multiple spreadsheets or calendars often lead to a great deal of missing information. With the Time Off Cloud system in place, there’s no worry over data entry errors or missing information.
  • Improve Annual Reviews. Year-end and annual reviews are simplified because you have access to all employee attendance records and PTO at a glance.
  • Real-Time Overview of Staff. Never again will you lose track of which employees are in the office or out for the day. For hybrid agencies, this is a major benefit because many of your staff members may work remotely and it can be confusing to keep track of manually.

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