Time Off Management for Transportation and Logistics Companies

Time Off Cloud simplifies attendance management for Transportation and Logistics Companies so you can focus on delivering on-time and error-free.

Transportation and logistics is a fast-paced industry with everyone working hard to ensure supplies and merchandise get delivered on time and error-free. Stress levels are high and burnout is a real possibility when your team doesn’t take time off to rest and reconnect with their loved ones.

Paid time off and leave programs make it possible for trucking industry employees to take the time they need for personal matters, including vacations, illness, appointments, and so forth. However, your transportation and logistics leave management system can be difficult to administer if you are still relying on spreadsheets and manual calculations.

Advanced time off software for trucking companies transforms the leave management process from a complex, time-consuming nuisance to an automated system that allows employees and managers to handle most tasks independently. Time Off Cloud has the tools you need to simplify attendance management.

Common PTO Tracking Pain Points

Working in transportation and logistics is never dull. There is always something to do and someplace to go. However, when it comes to the tasks associated with requesting, approving, and tracking paid time off, a job that keeps you on the go can make PTO tracking a challenge.

These are just a few of the issues that occur with a traditional paper or spreadsheet-based transportation and logistics leave management system:

  • Employees make requests face-to-face or by leaving notes, messages, or emails for their supervisors. The requests are forgotten, misplaced, or overlooked, causing frustration for employees and chaos for the business. 
  • Managers, administrators, or HR professionals attempt to keep time off balances up-to-date, but they get behind on data entry. Suddenly, it’s the end of the year, and employees have a lot of unused PTO – or they have used more than they were allocated. Either way, the business is scrambling to sort everything out before year-end, while employees end up disappointed and upset. 
  • A single miscalculation causes incorrect pay, and it takes multiple calls and emails to get the problem solved. The time it takes to make the corrections means other critical tasks are left undone

If you have run into any of these issues or the many other concerns that crop up with traditional PTO tracking tools, it’s time to make a change. Time off software for trucking companies is specifically designed to make attendance management simple.

Time Off Cloud: An Advanced Transportation and Logistics Leave Management System

Time Off Cloud was developed to make PTO tracking easy for business leaders, their HR and administrative staff, and their employees. It automates most basic processes, tracks key details, and empowers employees to take control of their time off requests. Popular features include: 

  • Digital PTO request and approval system. Employees enter their time off requests on the web or mobile apps, managers receive notifications, and they approve or deny the requests through email or using the online portal. No more lost, forgotten, or overlooked time off requests. Employees get prompt responses from their managers, so they can plan. 
  • Balances updated automatically and in real-time. With Time Off Cloud, the days of manual data entry and calculations are over. The system tracks allocations, accruals, and time off usage, then displays that information to employees, managers, and administrators upon request. Employees are empowered – they can see their balances anytime. Managers and administrators save time and avoid costly errors. 
  • Time off calendars show who is off and when. The biggest issue managers face when approving time off is making sure there are still enough employees available to get the job done on any given day. Time Off Cloud’s calendar view gives complete visibility of scheduled time off at the employee level, at the team level, and at the organization level. 
  • Automated time off policy management. Time Off Cloud makes it possible to enter the details of your employee PTO and leave policies, including how time off is allocated, when accruals begin and end, and what happens at year-end. Does unused PTO rollover? Is it paid out to the employee? Do you have a “use-it-or-lose-it” policy? Once you enter the information into the system and assign time off and leave plans to your employees, the system automatically updates accruals according to your policies. 
  • Robust reporting tools. When you are focused on keeping your employees engaged while meeting the needs of your business, how your time off programs are used becomes extremely important. Are employees making the most of available time off programs? Do your managers have a pattern of approving most requests, or are many requests being denied? How much time off remains to be taken this year? Time Off Cloud’s comprehensive suite of reporting tools makes it easy to answer these questions and more. No year-end surprises when you discover that employees have lots of time accrued but not taken. You can even model time off balances for a future date. 

Implementing a transportation and logistics leave management system that relies on advanced software solves a wide variety of common attendance management problems. The time savings and increased employee and manager satisfaction give most businesses a return on their investment in just a few months. 

Getting Started with Time Off Cloud

PTO tracking doesn’t have to be a pain point for managers, HR professionals, and administrators. Time Off Cloud’s time off software for trucking companies takes attendance management into the 21st century. Getting started with Time Off Cloud is easy. Schedule a demo now.

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