Organization and Approval

Time Off Cloud eliminates the employee frustration and awkward moments caused by inefficient organization and approval workflows.

Have your employees been disappointed by the companies approach to time off organization and approval workflow? How many times have they asked why you or their manager never responded to their time off request? And the answer is never satisfying. Do any of these reasons sound familiar?

  • Emails were buried in your inbox
  • You haven’t had a chance to check your voicemail
  • The sticky note left on your desk is buried

No matter how busy things get, you need a time off manager that keeps you organized.

Optimizing Time Off Request Approval Benefits Everyone

Time Off Cloud is PTO tracking software that’s designed to eliminate these awkward moments by keeping time off requests organized. Employees will submit time off requests through the mobile app or web portal, and you will receive an alert with the details you need to make an immediate decision.

Use the time off manager to approve or decline a request using the portal. You also have the option to take action directly from your email. With efficient employee PTO tracker tools from Time Off Cloud, use your time more profitably and keep employee time off requests streamlined.

Automated Routing with Time Off Cloud’s Org Chart Feature

With Time Off Cloud’s Org Chart, you can configure different approval hierarchies based on the organization’s needs and management structure.

Managers can now take the reins of their team and make a difference with unparalleled visibility into not just one, but multiple departments. Manage your time off requests from anywhere. There is a feature that ensures managers of managers have the right access, as well. One of the best features about this system is that it automatically routes requests to the appropriate decision-maker, which means no more back and forth emails before approvals are granted.

Wondering who rolls up to which managers? The org chart clearly illustrates all of the departments, managers, positions, and employees. In addition, you can quickly perform management functions right from the org chart.

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