PTO Tracking for Office Managers

Time Off Cloud automates PTO Tracking for Office Managers so that they can focus on high value tasks that positively impact the organization.

Office Managers have to do a little of everything to keep small businesses running smoothly including PTO Tracking. Scheduling and tracking time off are two items on a long list, but they tend to take up a disproportionate amount of time. That means time away from the tasks that truly add value – solving problems, delivering exceptional customer care, and optimizing business processes.

Unfortunately, when you are using a manual absence management system, there is no way around manual data entry, complex calculations, and an endless flow of PTO-related requests, and approvals. The good news is that all of this can be automated with advanced PTO management software.

The Trouble with Outdated Time Off Management Procedures

Businesses without dedicated HR staff typically assign personnel responsibilities to the Office Manager. Often, that includes staffing, on-boarding, training, coaching and performance management, as well as crafting and implementing office policies.

Adding manual absence management to this list is time consuming, but that’s not the only problem. Labor laws are strict, leaving no room for error. A mistake in administering paid time off policies can lead to compliance violations – and that means audits, fees, and fines.

This is what a typical manual time-off process looks like:

  • You calculate and assign PTO, vacation time, sick time and other benefits to each employee at the start of the year
  • You juggle emails, calls and notes requesting days off, along with the occasional unexpected absence
  • You try to keep track of who has scheduled time off, so you can decide whether to approve or deny new requests
  • Once a team member has taken time off, you enter the hours into one or more spreadsheets, then calculate the remaining balances
  • You handle endless calls and visits from employees who want to check their time off balances 
  • At the end of the year, you close out the year’s absences, only to discover some employees used too much time, some have lots of hours leftover, and your careful calculations were thrown off by one small typo 
  • Suddenly, there is a scramble to use up remaining time, and your office is a ghost town during the busy holiday season 

It’s enough to frustrate anyone, but what is the alternative? PTO management software is expensive and complicated, right?

Transforming PTO Tracking for Office Managers

Time Off Cloud takes the stress out of absence management by empowering employees to handle basic tasks that once fell to the Office Manager. The system offers a real-time display of time off balances, immediately reducing employee inquiries, and it automates the vacation request process. Everything moves through the system’s workflow, including approvals and denials – and that eliminates lost requests and angry employees.

As an Office Manager, you can view pending requests in one place, then submit a response within the portal or right from your email. The information is stored on a calendar that updates automatically, so you always know who is in the office and out of the office on a given day.

You don’t have to wait until end-of-the-year reporting to check overall balances and roll up total time off usage. A clear, user-friendly dashboard makes it simple to check these details anytime, and the reporting feature produces actionable data in just a few clicks.

Keeping your office organized is hard enough – don’t let time off tracking create chaos. Time Off Cloud was developed to simplify and streamline the tasks associated with PTO Tracking for office managers, so you can focus on activities that add value to the business. Best of all, the affordable pricing structure ensures you don’t have a large initial outlay. Most Office Managers find that the time savings offers a solid return on their investment.

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