Employee Leave Management for Field Services Companies

Time Off Cloud simplifies leave management for Field Services Companies such as Construction, Pest Control, Electric, HVAC, and similar.

Effective Field Services Time Off Tracking

Effective team management in the field services industry starts with timely and accurate information.

With Time Off Cloud, tracking paid time off, employee leave, and vacations can easily be automated for your entire staff. 

As you know, field services companies have unique needs because your employees may or may not be in the office regularly. As a result, self-service tools are imperative. Efficient processes are not a nice-to-have… They are the foundation of your operations and your success.

Using a single system to manage your entire team from the executive level to field employees to contractors avoids the typical issues that occur with traditional paper or spreadsheet-based leave systems. You can avoid the following problems easily. 

  • Time Off Requests that are lost, forgotten, delayed, or overlooked
  • Out-of-date or incorrect accrual balances
  • Lack of visibility into employee availability
  • Unnecessary phone calls and emails

With Time Off Cloud, you can forget about all the frustration:

Do you feel that there are too many forms and email requests related to employee time off, whether it be for their vacation balances or sick days? Imagine if there were no need for paperwork or manual processes to perform common employee-related tasks like recording paid time off, tracking attendance, managing absences, and more.

  • Put an end to processes that require manual labor and paper forms
  • Stop manually keeping track of different calendars and spreadsheets
  • Automate all the calculations that were previously done by hand
  • Avoid the unnecessary and endless phone calls, text messages, and emails
  • Bring order to annual reviews

Benefits for HR Professionals

  • Sophisticated and Proven Solution
  • Easy Deployment and Management
  • High ROI (see for yourself with our ROI Calculator)
  • High Employee Satisfaction Scores (ESAT)
  • Low Switching Costs
  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime
  • Satisfaction Guarantee (see the Pricing FAQ)
  • Unlimited Administrator Support

Key Features

  • Time Off Requests – When employees enter their time off requests on the web or mobile apps, managers receive notifications and they approve or deny these requests through email directly or in the web portal. Managers have the tools to move quickly so that workers can plan accordingly.
  • Balances and Calculations – The days of manual data entry and calculations are over. The system tracks allocations, accruals, and time off usage to employees’ benefit by providing them with a real-time view of their balances that can be accessed at any moment via the web portal or mobile application. Employees love how easy the process is and Managers will find themselves saving precious minutes each day.
  • Calendars – An automated time off calendar. It tells you and your team who’s away and when. No more worries about lost paperwork or requests being approved without knowing where everyone was at any given moment in the day! Better yet? Your employees can also use this tool – which means less confusion around staffing levels because everyone knows who’s working and when.
  • Policies – The leave policy manager is an extremely powerful and flexible tool that allows you to maintain a master list of leave types (ie. PTO, Vacation, Sick, etc.) with settings for each type customized by leave policy–calculations! This means it’s easy to transition employees between policies since no manual data entry or loss will take place. All the basics are covered and sophisticated features such as rollover thresholds and expiration dates are built in. A very popular feature is the tenure-based automatic assignment of leave policies.
  • Reporting – With Time Off Cloud’s suite of reporting tools, it’s easy to answer the question: “How much time off remains for employees this year?” You can even model your future balances.

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