PTO Tracking for Employees

Time Off Cloud PTO tracking for employees takes your company’s PTO and attendance tracking into the 21st century with cloud based technology.


Time Off Cloud PTO tracking for employees takes your company’s PTO and attendance tracking into the 21st century!

The world has gone digital, and you probably use your smartphone or mobile device to do everything from banking to buying groceries. You are accustomed to clean, organized and user-friendly interfaces that make these tasks simple and stress-free.

That’s why it is frustrating to find yourself back to writing notes, sending email and monitoring PTO spreadsheets when you get to work. You expect requesting and managing your PTO benefits to be as simple and convenient as the rest of the digital world, and manual employee vacation trackers don’t measure up.

Missing Out on Paid Time Off Due To Outdated Processes

All too often, PTO Tracking for employees is overlooked. Sometimes, your balances aren’t calculated correctly, and you discover that you took too much or too little time. Instead of enjoying your time off, you are worried about whether your pay will be accurate. Worse still, if your company has a “use-it-or-lose-it” policy, you can miss out on the time-off benefits you are entitled to.

You know that there must be digital solutions for basic processes like absence management. Maybe it’s time to drop a hint to your manager or submit a suggestion through your company’s employee feedback form.

Time Off Cloud: Taking Attendance Tracking into the 21st Century

Everything is kept in the cloud, so you can request vacation, track approvals and monitor paid time-off balances right online.

How many times have you put your plans on hold, waiting for your time off to be approved? After days have passed, you follow up, only to discover your manager missed your initial request?

Time Off Cloud eliminates those sorts of issues by putting the entire time off request and approval workflow online. You enter your request, and your manager can approve it from within the platform or via email. Better still, you and your manager have access to your time off balances whenever you need them. You don’t have to keep asking, and you don’t have to worry about calculation errors.

More importantly, at the end of the year, you wont be discouraged by losing precious hours of paid time off. The transparency of a time off tracking system gives you the security of knowing exactly how much time off is available to you throughout the year.

If your company hasn’t yet automated the time-off tracking process, you can make a difference. Share available options with your manager or HR representative, so they can see the benefits of implementing automated solutions.