Manage Non-Profit Organizations Time Off

Manage non-profit organizations employee and volunteer time off and maximize your efficiency and impact.

As a 501(c), your charitable organization is committed to providing essential services to community members in need. Find out how Time Off Cloud can help you better manage your non-profit organizations time off.

Time Off Management Features for Your Organization

A cloud-based time off manager combines a PTO tracker, workflow management software, an end-of-the-year reporting tool and more. If your volunteer and employee work schedules and time off requests feel out of control, explore the key features of Time Off Cloud. Consider this software for your 501(c) startup or established charitable organization.

Time Off Tracking

Do you have a policy for time off tracking in your organization? PTO tracking allows you to balance employee expectations and organizational needs.

Your team can’t continue to provide services to your local community without trained employees and volunteers in necessary roles. A cloud-based system allows workers to enter sick days and vacation requests in a single, convenient system. This information is sent right to your administration team with an email or other alert.

You receive immediate updates of any requests and can manage them on the built in dashboard calendar. The system alerts you to multiple requests in a single department or role in your organization. You will receive advanced warning of this and can plan accordingly.

End-of-the-Year Reporting

Your employees and volunteers deserve time off. This software helps you manage the workflow of your entire organization.

Use absence management to track sick days and vacation days.

Avoid triple-entering information in various databases and calendars!

Synchronized Non-Profit Organization Calendar

Balancing time off requests and organization needs is a difficult process for a 501(c). With PTO software, you can enjoy a single calendar that your employees and administration team can view. Input information about organizational holidays, approve vacation requests, and stay informed about sick days with your smartphone.

Manage Non-Profit Organizations Time Off

Time off management is more than just convenient. Help your non-profit grow and invest your resources wisely with this software. Advantages of using this software…

Better Resource Management

A time off tracker allows customers, on average, to realize a return on investment in two months or less. Using fewer resources managing and tracking days off allows you to better utilize your available resources. Your charitable organization has a commitment to make the most of the donations, grants and other resources it’s been given, so invest wisely with Time Off Cloud.

Same-Page Communication

Use an employee vacation tracker to stay on the same page about vacation day expectations with your employees and volunteers. Some non-profit organizations require additional help during periods that are traditionally taken off. Inform your team about holidays and other work hour expectations to better manage their resources and ensure your organization can keep its doors open.

Greater Freedom for Employees and Volunteers

Attendance tracking is a convenient feature for you and your administration team, but it can also help employees and volunteers. These highly valued team members may not always remember how many vacation days are available.

Cloud-based management software offers immediate vacation day information.

This system gives everyone in your organization a clear sense of working days and days off. It can be an organization-wide calendar to manage expectations and handle workflow issues.

Make a Difference With Time Off Cloud

Maximize your impact by taking action to manage your volunteer organizations resources and time off. Use Time Off Cloud to create an efficient, comfortable workplace for your entire team.

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