Manage Home Healthcare Providers Time Off

When it comes to home healthcare providers, employee time off management is crucial in retaining qualified and caring individuals.

Managing your home healthcare agency is challenging in many ways, especially in finding qualified and caring individuals. So when you are lucky enough to find quality employees, you need to hold on to them. Keeping employee satisfaction high reduces turnover, and helps your company retain its first-rate work force. Complicated HR processes are a source of frustration for employees and have a negative impact on them, so isn’t it about time that you streamlined your PTO process?

The Problems With Manual PTO Tracking

Ensuring you have adequate coverage for all your patients is crucial. Home healthcare isn’t like some other industries where you can reschedule a visit in a couple of weeks. Your patients are relying on you to administer important wound care, rehabilitation and other medical services in a timely manner.

If all your nurses in a particular area take a vacation during the same week, it can leave you short staffed. Nurses might have to travel further than they’re used to, spreading them even thinner. In other words, the entire organization will feel stressed and be at risk for underperforming.

Sure, you could manually go through and review each and every time off request to ensure it doesn’t conflict with another nurse in the same area. However, that will take hours of your valuable time you could be using elsewhere.

The problem is further exacerbated if your staff is using paper forms to request time off. This means you’ll need a dedicated staff person to enter this data into your calendar, spreadsheet and other reports. This double or triple data handling is even more time wasted. Plus, they’ll need to verify every time off request to ensure the employee has enough PTO hours remaining.

And what if your staff wants to see an up-to-date calculation of their remaining PTO? If you still rely on manual calculations, they’ll have to call you every time they want an updated figure. This can also delay year-end close challenges and lead to a flood of requests at the end of the year if everyone is trying to use up their remaining time off.

In addition, home healthcare isn’t like other fields where everyone is in the office all the time. It’s perfectly normal for your staff to be out in the field, so it’s not always easy to know who’s on duty and who’s off for the day.

Manage Home Healthcare Providers Time Off

Time Off Cloud is a cloud-based absence tracking software that gives you a far clearer picture of your employees’ days off. When you use it as your go-to PTO software, you’ll easily know who is in the office, who is in the field, and who is vacationing on a beach.

Our cloud-based PTO tracker automatically curates all your employees’ requests in one database. That means no more sifting through time off papers, entering them into the computer, and looking through them all to see if they conflict. Time Off Cloud does all this for you, so all you or your managers need to do is hit approve. You can even sort the time off by type, such as vacation, sick, personal, work from home and more.

Your employees will love this time off tracker as well. Rather than continuously bugging their supervisor, they can quickly see if their time off request was approved with a few clicks. They can also immediately see how many vacation days they have remaining as well as how many they’ve used.

Say goodbye to the annual year-end review chaos. With dedicated PTO management software, employees won’t be scrambling to use up all their remaining hours, and your HR team will be able to focus on their other tasks. This kind of clarity makes it far easier to approve or deny a request based on who is already off those days.

You can even manage employees who want to go on a longer leave of absence without dealing with the extra paperwork. Time Cloud Off handles it all from start to finish so you can put more focus into your patients.

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You need a time off manager that meets your needs and provides a solution to your biggest pain points. Time Off Cloud can do that and more. To learn more about our software or start your free trial, contact us today.

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