PTO Tracking for Managers and Supervisors

Managers and Supervisors know that PTO tracking is time consuming, error prone, and important to employees and require automation.

Managers and Supervisors take on the most complex work of the business and PTO Tracking is not their primary focus. They must understand operations and workflow, then ensure the job gets done through their team members. That means doing a bit of everything, from planning and implementing processes to resolving employee concerns.

Often, it feels like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done – especially when large chunks of time are spent on repetitive manual tasks that could be automated. Time off management is a prime example. It takes up a lot of time without generating substantial rewards.

Manual Time Off Management: Frustration for You and Your Team

You know how important it is for your team members to take time off. Those days away from work help them to stay relaxed, refreshed, and ready to put their best effort into the job. However, the time you spend collecting and approving time-off requests, checking PTO balances, and keeping up with who is off on any given day takes away from your other responsibilities.

Let’s face it – PTO tracking is time consuming, and it’s easy to make a mistake. Notes, post-its and emailed requests are overlooked, there are errors entered into spreadsheets, and occasionally, your calculations are incorrect. That leaves you with frustrated workers and a big mess to clean up – all the while making sure that work is getting done.

Aside from the day-to-day tasks associated with time-off management, chances are that you have even more to do at the end of the year. That’s when team members realize they have unused PTO they need to take, and you have to put together your year-end wrap-up.

All of a sudden, everyone wants to take time off, and you have an impossible choice. Grant their requests and face severe understaffing, or deal with angry employees who didn’t get the chance to take full advantage of their time off benefits. It’s enough to stress even the most laid-back managers.

PTO Tracking for Managers and Supervisors Creates Order from the Chaos

What if there was a system that automated the entire process? What if employee time off requests were collected in one place, and you could approve or deny them with the click of a button? Imagine having balances calculated automatically and a calendar that is updated in real-time so you always know who is available and who is out of the office. It’s possible – and better yet, it’s affordable.

PTO Tracking for Managers and Supervisors doesn’t have to be cumbersome to use and requires lots of manual data entry. In truth, advanced platforms like Time Off Cloud simplify time off tracking by automating repetitive, manual tasks to save you time.

The beauty of today’s advanced time off management software is that it creates order in what is an otherwise chaotic process. All time off benefits, including leaves of absence, vacation time, sick time and other forms of PTO, are consolidated into a centralized system so you can see your team’s status in a single view.

When you drill down to individual employees, you can see time off accrual and balances, which are calculated automatically. More importantly, there is an established workflow for time off requests to ensure nothing is lost, overlooked or misplaced. That gives you the ability to respond to your employees’ requests quickly, increasing their overall engagement.

Finally, attendance tracking software takes the pain out of reporting, particularly when the end of the year rolls around. Instead of manual data entry and calculations, you get the information you need in a user-friendly format – all it takes is a couple of clicks.

Automating time off management reduces the stress associated with manual, paper-based processes. Everything is collected in a single system, so you stay organized, and employee information is easy to access and review in a user-friendly dashboard.

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