Simplify PTO tracking with Time Off Cloud’s PTO Management Software

Time Off Cloud’s PTO tracking software takes the pain out of PTO tracking. Our automations empower employees and managers.

Time Off Cloud changed our HR departments lives. Instead of 10 spreadsheets tracking all time off we now have everything is one secure organized location. We also have no more need for a paper trail every time an employee takes off. But the best will be when our fiscal year ends and all our numbers will update automatically. Of course our auditors may be more happy with Time Off than we are.

Philip Brazil
Vice President

No more paper forms, emails, or manual processes!

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in forms and email requests for employees’ time off?

No more updating  spreadsheets and calendars!

Still using paper forms, calendars, spreadsheets, and other tools for tracking employee time off?

No more manual calculations and chaos!

What if all these time off tasks could be completed with little to no work for everyone?

Simplify PTO tracking with Time Off Cloud’s PTO Management Software

Accurate PTO tracking is critical to keeping employees engaged. Unfortunately, outdated PTO tracker tools like spreadsheets make that difficult if not impossible. The likelihood of an error is high with manual calculations, and that leads to angry employees, frustrated managers, and exhausted HR staff. 

New PTO software has changed PTO management forever. Now, paid time off balances are always available to employees, and automated calculations ensure accuracy. Time Off Cloud’s PTO management software minimizes the need for manual intervention. Instead, tasks are automated, so nothing gets overlooked, lost, or forgotten. 

The Pain of Manual PTO Tracking

Most companies know that competitive paid time off benefits are a must for attracting and retaining top talent, especially in the current environment. Applicants compare benefits programs before accepting a position, and they expect the process of requesting and gaining approval for PTO to go smoothly. 

Companies that rely on outdated PTO tracker tools like spreadsheets often struggle to keep up with critical details. Requests that are submitted during face-to-face conversations, voicemails, emails, and post-it notes are easily overlooked, lost, or forgotten. 

Even when staff or management enters requests in a spreadsheet accurately, a long list of issues can still disrupt the PTO tracking process. Managers may not approve or deny the time promptly, or they may approve more employees for time off than the business can support. 

Of greater concern is the possibility that PTO benefits won’t be administered consistently, opening the business up to allegations of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Finally, mistakes are inevitable with manually calculated balances, and correcting those errors can cost managers and HR staff hours of valuable time. 

Time Off Cloud’s PTO management software takes the pain out of PTO tracking. The PTO tracker is almost entirely automated, and employees are empowered to manage most of this process independently. 

Is Time Off Cloud’s PTO software right for you? 

Needs Assessment

Take a moment to answer these questions about your PTO tracking process: 

  • Can your employees access their PTO balances? 
  • Do your employees know which PTO benefits they are eligible for? 
  • Can you see which employees are off and when, so you can approve or deny PTO requests based on the needs of the business? 
  • Are your PTO policies applied consistently? 
  • Are PTO requests handled in a timely manner? 
  • Are you spending an excessive amount of time correcting errors in manual PTO calculations? 

If the answers to these questions concern you, it’s time to reconsider your PTO tracking process. Time Off Cloud’s PTO management software can help. 

Key Features of Time Off Cloud’s PTO Software

Committing resources to new software is a big decision. You have to be sure you’ll get a return on your investment. Time Off Cloud’s PTO tracking solutions offer features you won’t find anywhere else. Some of the most popular tools and options available from Time Off Cloud’s PTO management software include: 

  • Web and mobile app access to request, track, and approve PTO requests
  • PTO balances calculated in real time, so employees always know where they stand
  • Flexible time-off categories don’t limit you to PTO tracking — you can also track federal, state, and locally mandated leave, unpaid time off, work-from-home hours, comp time, and more
  • PTO benefits are customized based on your company’s unique plans, and balances can be set according to tenure, position, or other employee characteristics as described in your policy
  • Team, department, and organization calendars show who is off and when, ensuring managers can consider the needs of the business before approving PTO requests 

Time Off Cloud clients agree that the most important benefit of automated PTO management software is the opportunity to ditch manual spreadsheets once and for all. 

With Time Off Cloud’s PTO software, it’s also easy to make manual adjustments when unique circumstances arise. 

And you won’t have to learn the system on your own. Be sure to download our free guide to implementing a PTO tracking system in your business. Our team is with you all the way!

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