PTO Tracking for Human Resources

Time Off Cloud automates the PTO Tracking function for Human Resources professionals so that they can focus on other high value tasks.

As a Human Resources Professional, you have a lot on your plate including PTO Tracking. Among other things, you are responsible for staffing your business, on-boarding and training employees, planning and administering payroll and benefits programs and solving problems. That includes problems with payroll, problems with workplace conditions, problems between employees, problems with performance… the list goes on and on.

That doesn’t leave a lot of time for the activities that generate real value, such as strategic planning, employee engagement, workforce development, and programming to support health and wellbeing.

The Pain of Manual PTO Tracking for Human Resources

One of the most difficult tasks you face as an HR professional is developing your leave and paid time off programs. Once you have created policies that comply with your company’s mission, vision, and values – as well as federal, state, and local regulations – you have to ensure they are communicated to your employees and implemented fairly and consistently.

PTO management is one of the worst offenders in terms of low return on your investment of time. Much of this work requires manual data entry, calculations and tracking, all of which could be automated. The time you spend on these manual transactions takes away from your ability to add value to the business. It’s time that would be better invested in strategic planning, employee engagement activities, and driving workforce development.

Consider the steps involved in a manual time-off management process:

  • Develop and communicate a PTO/attendance policy
  • Calculate employees’ eligibility for PTO – including when they are eligible and how much PTO they are eligible for 
  • Manually track approved and unapproved absences, then deduct this time from the employee’s total PTO balance
  • Check for errors and correct errors that were overlooked once angry employees discover them 
  • Handle questions or concerns from employees about PTO balances 
  • Sort out issues from employees who didn’t get timely approvals or weren’t able to take all of their vacation time
  • Address complaints where employees were denied time off that falls under state-mandated sick and safe time regulations 
  • Support managers through the year-end closeout process as they try to keep the business running in the midst of a massive influx of PTO requests 

If you have to do all of that manually, it is inevitable that something will slip through the cracks. Sooner or later, you will receive a claim that paid time off policies were applied inconsistently from one employee to another, and that opens your company up to legal and financial risk.

Time Off Cloud: Eliminating the Manual Tasks that Take Away from Strategic Planning

Comprehensive absence management systems make it possible to create employee leave programs and document time-off policies in a centralized location. You can assign the appropriate policies to specific positions throughout the organization, which reduces the risk that managers will apply the policies inconsistently.

When there is a problem, quality absence management software can make it easier to reach a satisfactory resolution. As you know, when you are trying to resolve employee concerns around time-off management, you often spend valuable minutes trying to determine who has decision-making authority for a given team or department.

Time Off Cloud eliminates the need to pull out obsolete org charts and make extra calls to locate the right leader. The system offers an organization chart that allows HR administrators to view and manage employees across the enterprise.

The bottom line is that time off management could easily be a full-time job – but that’s completely unnecessary. Advanced PTO management software makes it possible to automate repetitive manual tasks so you can focus on the work of a skilled HR professional.

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