Manage Auto Dealership Employee Time Off

When it comes to auto dealerships, employee time off management is vital for increasing employee productivity and reducing the risks of burnout.

The car business is a fast-paced game, where buyers, sellers and companies are always on the move, on the go and on a timeline. When it comes to running an auto dealership, the importance of employee time off management becomes even more so… In the business of sales, time truly is money.

From business to salespeople and everyone in between — they all count, whether they are salaried employees, hourly staff or commissioned sales positions. For management that translates into everything but lions, tigers and bears, oh my. Don’t worry, there is an easier way, a better way and a smarter way to manage auto dealership employee time off.

Employee time off management with Time Off Cloud benefits everyone

The benefits of Time Off Cloud go far beyond making the life of HR personnel easier and better. Owners and managers, employees and even customers benefit from the advantages that result from using Time Off Cloud. For auto dealerships, those benefits and the importance of tools like Time Off Cloud are only amplified.

Benefits of Time Off Cloud for Car Dealership Owners and Managers

Owners of car dealerships and, in particular, those who are actively involved in the business operations and those in managerial roles understand the need for excellent management tools. For every business, managing overhead and employee costs are key factors to determining the success and profit margins of the business. It has long been known that one of the greatest expenses for any business is the payroll.

With Time Off Cloud, owners and managers can get a quick access to the right information to better manage and handle employee hours, schedules, business operations and more. A few of the benefits for owners and managers of car dealerships include:

  • Fewer labor hours
  • Material savings (e.g., paper, forms, ink, etc.)
  • Quicker employee processes
  • Employee tracking data (e.g., WFH hours, accrued time off, etc.)
  • Ensuring appropriate staffing levels

These benefits are not just for owners and managers; those in human resources roles will also realize and feel the benefits of Time Off Cloud.

Benefits of Time Off Cloud for Car Dealership HR Departments

Human resources personnel are often juggling, balancing and doing multiple tasks at the same time because that is the nature of the job. For most companies and businesses like car dealerships, the HR department is the “catch-all” net and the go-to source for every other department. When a floor manager needs information on available employee hours, where do they go? When an employee needs to take maternity leave or request bereavement leave, who do they turn to?

That’s right, every department looks to HR, and for many different reasons. That also used to mean too much paperwork, too many phone calls, requests, demands and other issues besides HR personnel’s daily responsibilities. Now, imagine eliminating tasks like:

  • Updating the payroll department
  • Manually calculating hours
  • Documenting and paperwork filing
  • Time dedicated to time off requests
  • Managing employee vacation and personal time off hours
  • Handling personal leave considerations (e.g., bereavement, medical, etc.)

And that is just the tip of the iceberg! The benefits of Time Off Cloud will be felt, seen and appreciated by owners, managers, employees and even customers.

Benefits of Time Off Cloud for Employees

Is there anything better than looking forward to that five-day weekend at the end of your ten-hour shift on the floor? Oh wait, did you check with the HR department about those extra personal days. Today is Friday and that is often one of the busiest days for HR.

Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate that extra 30 minutes, or hour or longer? With Time Off Cloud, employees can check their available balances and request time off easily. That also means no longer needing to wait in the office to talk until someone from human resources becomes available. For employees, Time Off Cloud results in quicker processes, easier access to information, and the ability to communicate with HR remot

Time Off Cloud: Better for Business, Better for Everyone

Management, ownership and employees all benefit from the features offered by Time Off Cloud. Not only does a PTO management software system like Time Off Cloud improve management processes, it improves the operations of auto dealerships too.

Eliminate unnecessary payroll, create a more efficient business model, and make your auto dealership better. Time Off Cloud, making car dealerships better — for everyone. Contact us for more information, and experience the benefits of Time Off Cloud today.

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