Cloud Based Absence Tracking Software

Is cloud based absence tracking software a good solution for your company? Employee absence is a fact-of-life for all businesses. As a result, managers must have the information they need at their fingertips not only to run the business, but also to satisfy employees’ needs.  Time off requests can be planned or unplanned, and therefore, managers need a simple and straightforward way to track it.

Important Questions

Time Off Cloud is an absence tracking software solution which, you guessed it, runs in the cloud! With Time Off Cloud you can easily answer these questions…

  • Do you and your employees know how many days off they have remaining?
  • Can your employees view the company holidays and plan their time off?
  • Do the right people know when employees are going to be out and, as a result, are they able to obtain proper coverage?
  • Are managers able to track time off in an accurate and timely manner, and therefore enforce company policies?
  • Most importantly, is it easy for employees to request time off and for managers to approve it?

Track your employees’ absences the quick and easy way with Time Off Cloud! Give your employees access to their balances and company holidays anywhere.

Make the switch from your labor intensive process full of forms, calendars, and spreadsheets to Time Off Cloud.