Cloud Based Absence Tracking Software

Cloud based absence tracking software gives managers visibility into all of the employee time off requests and balances so they can respond to their needs quickly and fairly.

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Is cloud based, employee absence tracking software a good solution for your company?

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  • Do you and your employees know how many days off they have remaining?
  • Can your employees view the company holidays and plan their time off?
  • Do the right people know when employees are going to be out-of-office and are they able to obtain proper coverage?
  • Are managers able to track time off in an accurate and timely manner, and therefore enforce company policies?
  • Most importantly, is it easy for employees to request time off and for managers to approve it?

Absence Tracking Software Features:

Your employees can submit time off requests using the iOS and Android mobile apps or Web portal.

Managers can perform approvals via the website or directly from an email.

Reporting is real-time for all time off entries, balances, and includes forecasting.

Flexible leave types such as Vacation, Sick, Personal, Work From Home (WFH), etc.