6 Types of Leave Management Systems

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No matter how big or small your business is, having a solid leave management system in place is important. The following are six types of leave management systems businesses use to keep track of employee leave.

1. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is usually the first leave management system many small businesses use. However, it allows for a lot of misunderstandings and abuse. Verbal time-off requests are difficult to track once you have more than one or two employees. It’s not ideal for the business or the employees. 

Employees might make a mistake or take advantage of the informal process to request more time off than they have left for the year. They may also forget that they haven’t asked yet because there is no formal record. Some employees are hesitant to ask for time off, especially if they aren’t sure how much they’re allowed to take. A formal process will be easier for employees and help keep them organized.

2. Paper Forms

Paper forms are a leave management system used by many small and growing businesses. While they’re a step up in effectiveness from word of mouth requests, they still have limitations. Managing time off with paper requests is an obsolete method, especially with the rise of digital communication. A paper form system requires employees to manually fill out time off requests, which need to be read and approved by their managers. These requests can become damaged or lost, which can cause breakdowns in communication.

3. Email

Email time off requests work similarly to paper forms. They are relatively easy to track and allow for a digital paper trail. However, emails tend to pile up, and requests can easily get lost. While this may work for super small teams, it is ultimately inefficient.

Requests are also made via one-on-one emails, which can make it harder for a team to keep track of who will be out at what time. This gets even more inefficient when multiple teams and dozens of employees are involved.

4. Calendars

Calendars are a leave management system used by businesses that need to keep track of lots of time off and communicate with teams. While some businesses still use paper calendars, most have upgraded to digital calendars. Businesses can use Google Calendar, or any other online calendar. These programs are often free, although the savings come with major limitations.

This method is typically used with one of the methods listed above. When employees request time off and it’s approved by a manager, their time off is added as an event to the calendar.

5. Spreadsheets

Some businesses use spreadsheets as a leave management system. Digital spreadsheets can be a sufficient option for small businesses, but they require a lot of manual effort. They may also be difficult to manage with a growing employee roster.

While this method can be a major step up from other methods, it’s still a far cry from the best leave management system on our list: HR software.

6. Time Off Cloud – HR Software

Time Off Cloud is an innovative and modern HR software and leave management system. It allows businesses to handle growing employee rosters and a large volume of time off requests. HR software is a must-have for growing businesses, especially those that have outgrown other methods.

Even small businesses can benefit from switching from a manual leave management system to an automated solution like Time Off Cloud. While they can still keep track of all the necessary details, the system offers managers the freedom to spend more time managing the day-to-day needs of the business.

When businesses use HR software for leave management, it’s easier to efficiently keep track of time off accrual and balances. It’s especially helpful for businesses that have part- and full-time employees who earn PTO at different rates (such as businesses that offer more PTO based on seniority).

Time Off Cloud allows you to manage all types of time off in one easy-to-use time off tracking system. You can track sick time, personal leave, PTO, and other types of time off requests all in one place. Time Off Cloud offers an advanced, easy-to-understand interface for both employees and managers.

If you’re interested in seeing how Time Off Cloud can become the best leave management system you’ll ever use,  request a demo or start your trial today.

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