Improve the Employee Experience by Eliminating Manual and Complex HR Processes

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 by Time Off Cloud

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Employee experience determines if workers stay engaged in their roles and how committed they will be towards a company in the future. Additionally, employee experience relates to how workers perceive work culture and their overall satisfaction levels. Complicated HR processes are a source of frustration for employees and have a negative impact on them. 

For starters, it can make onboarding a nightmare, with slow and tedious procedures that cause endless frustration. But more importantly, many individuals can relate to the frustration and annoyance with time off requests that seemingly take years for approval. It’s far time that modern organizational leaders considered the profound implications of such outmoded processes. 

Industry 4.0 and the new normal have made it necessary for organizations to integrate automated processes. According to a McKinsey report, 66 percent of businesses were piloting tools to automate at least one business process. 

Yet, many decision-makers continue to stick to manual and unnecessarily complex approaches purely out of habit. Alternatively, automated solutions can help organizations free up employee schedules, enabling them to invest more time and effort in value-added tasks. 

Solves the Paper Conundrum 

The modern world is getting increasingly digitized – with keywords like “contact-free” and “WFH” becoming popular additions to the business lexicon. Such a connected world has no place for paper documents – a source of environmental concern and messy file management. Paper forms and handling should become a thing of the past if organizations plan to undergo a complete digital transition.

With digitization, you can organize, track, edit and create any document backups with ease from any time and location. Additionally, you can safeguard confidential data with multi-tiered cybersecurity solutions for added peace of mind. 

Achieves Seamless Communication 

The pandemic raised the importance of home offices (WFH specifically) and remote communications. However, many organizations still lack the tools required to track and account for out-of-office work.

Automated HR solutions can prevent confusion and frustration by maintaining a reliable connection between employees and managers. Time Off Cloud makes PTO processes easily accessible to everyone in the organization

Replaces Slow and Repetitive Processes

Manual/routine data entry across multiple files such as spreadsheets, calendars, and others compromises employee efficiency. Constant editing and cycling between files may lead to problematic mistakes in balance tracking, calculations and other value-sensitive fields. 

With an automated solution, organizations can achieve a seamless process. Administrators can confidently access and manage requests in real-time from a single dashboard to minimize errors without losing track of their progress. 

Excellent Employee Experience 

Manual and complex HR processes often result in chaotic environments where employees may find themselves constantly on edge. “Common culprits” include filling out paper forms, checking with HR for balances, and dealing with misplaced requests. These lead to a mountain of misunderstandings among co-workers.

Research shows that 26 percent of employees are more satisfied at work with a position of power. An automated PTO management solution empowers employees to take charge of their well-being, to request sick and vacation leaves when they need them. An absence management system avoids overloading the HR managers, enabling them to focus on more productive tasks like improving organizational structures and onboarding processes. 

Time Off Cloud – A Risk Free HR Solution 

Your employees deserve a frustration-free, paperless, and automated HR solution they can trust to keep up with the rapid-paced digital world. Time Off Cloud turns that idea into a reality with a reliable cloud-based management system that enables your organization to manage workflows, leave policies, and calendars in a cinch. 

With Time Off Cloud, you can:

  • Keep your HR processes secure and easily accessible with a time-off manager in the cloud.
  • Make time off management and out-of-office employee tracking a frustration-free process without endless forms and heaps of paper documents. 
  • Improve HR productivity with a mobile-friendly portal that handles employee requests (such as PTO tracking).  
  • Work with an ultra easy-to-use dashboard for an organized view of employee time-off applications and statuses. (Wave goodbye to messy paperwork, troublesome phone calls, and schedule conflicts)
  • Send automated email notifications upon approvals.

Time Off Cloud provides decision-makers, teams, and departments with the automated solution they need to ramp up their organizational performance. Let’s replace endless pages of spreadsheets and forms with a sleek and trusty platform. Time Off Cloud turbocharges your HR practices for a more satisfying employee experience. 

Are you ready? Give it a try, today!