Over the past few weeks, we have been rolling out new functionality to select customers including significant Accrual Year Enhancements (Rollover Modes) and a new Payroll Export Report. Today, we made the new functionality available for all customers.

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Accrual Year Enhancements (Rollover Modes)

We have added the ability to calculate accruals based on the Company Fiscal Year, Employee Hire Date, Employee Benefits Start Date or a Custom Date. The start and end of the annual accrual period is now referred to as the Accrual Year.

  • Prior to this release, all accrual calculations were based on the Company Fiscal Year. We have enhanced this to allow the calculations to be based on these new values and to be set at the employee level where appropriate.
  • There is a new drop down field on the Settings -> General Settings screen called Rollover Mode which will control this feature.
  • There is also a new field on the Employee Add/Edit/View screens which will show the calculated value or allow editing of the value when Employee Custom Date is selected in General Settings.

Payroll Export Report

The new Payroll Export Report shows the Time Off used in a given period as well as past time off entries which were modified in the same period.

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