Employee Time Off Management

The world has gone digital, and your employees are accustomed to the convenience of having information available to them on demand in their mobile devices and web browsers. Sending them back to the dark ages of paper notes and attendance tracking spreadsheets is no way to build employee engagement.

The Time Off Cloud Solution to Time Off Tracking Challenges

Instead of time-intensive manual processes, choose a comprehensive time off tracking platform that is powered by cloud computing. This PTO management software allows your employees to request time off through their mobile devices or web browser anytime, anywhere.
Better still, there is no chance approvals will be delayed or misplaced. Approval workflow can be fully automated and managers can respond in moments from their email or through the Time Off Cloud portal. 

Centralized Management of

Leave Programs

Managers and administrators appreciate the intuitive, user-friendly interface that permits centralized management of leave programs. No more time devoted to manual PTO tracking and tedious calculations - all of that happens automatically within the PTO management software.
Best of all, Time Off Cloud has advanced reporting tools to give managers, administrators, and HR staff real-time insight into the use of your time off and leave programs. You can see how much time off has already been used across the organization, and you can project balances for future dates to ensure accurate forecasting.

These are the features you can look forward to

when you introduce Time Off Cloud to your team:

Time Off Requests

  • Employees can enter time off requests through the portal or from their mobile devices
  • Request history is stored within the platform - no more PTO tracking spreadsheets or paper files
  • Employees know what they are entitled to with customized leave programs assigned by role, tenure, or other characteristics
  • It’s easy to make manual adjustments when unique circumstances arise
  • Administrators and managers can enter time off requests on behalf of an employee if needed

Organization and Approval Workflow

  • Create org charts right in the system to ensure requests go to the appropriate leader
  • Never lose another employee’s time off request with advanced PTO management software
  • Managers get instant notification of requests and the option to approve online or via email
  • You can automate approval of specific time off categories like sick time, bereavement time, and jury duty

Calendars and Sharing

  • No more wondering where your employees are - customized web calendars show who is off and when
  • Administrators gain insight into the entire organization through enterprise-wide time off calendars
  • Managers can view a department or team-specific calendar to support decision-making on time off requests
  • Employees have calendars of their own to keep track of their time away from work

Calculations, Balances, and Reporting

  • Balances are calculated in real time and are always up to date in the web, apps and reporting
  • Allocations and accruals are calculated correctly, saving you the time of manual PTO tracking computations
  • Powerful reporting tools give you deep understanding of when and how much time off employees are taking
  • All transactions are tagged with date and user details, which is critical for issue resolution and auditing

Calculate the Return on Your Investment

The amount of time your administrators, managers, and employees spend dealing with time off requests and PTO tracking is quite frankly…  Shocking!  Use our free online ROI calculator.

Number of employees

Number of time off requests per employee every year

Number of minutes an employee spends preparing and submitting a time off request

Number of minutes a manager spends processing a time off request including checking for conflicts, verifying policy compliance, available time, and communications

Number of minutes HR spends processing each employee's request and updating calendars, balances, and reporting

Average hourly rate per employee

A $0 annual investment in Time Off Cloud will save your organization $0
every year!  Monthly plans also available.

Feature List


  • Time Off Requests, Management, Workflow, and Reporting
  • Realtime Accrual Balances
  • Calendar View and Sharing
  • Upcoming Events View
  • Notices View
  • Private Messages
  • iOS and Android Mobile Apps


  • Employee and Accruals View
  • Time Off Request Approval, Management, Workflow, and Reporting
  • Create Time Off Requests on behalf of an Employee
  • Calendar View and Sharing
  • Multiple department managers
  • View and Manage Department Notices
  • Private Messages
  • Employee, Department, Accruals, Forecast,  
    and User Activity Reporting
  • Option to Approve from Email
  • Time Off Conflict Detection and Warnings


  • Manage and Invite Employees including Onboarding and Dismisall
  • View and Adjust Accruals
  • Manage Company Org Chart
  • Time Off Request Approval, Management, and Reporting
  • Create Time Off Requests on behalf of an Employee
  • Calendar View, Sharing, and Visibility Configuration
  • Multiple department managers
  • View and Manage Department Notices
  • Private Messages
  • Employee, Department, Accruals, Forecast, and User Activity Reporting
  • Manager System Configuration
  • Manage Leave Policies
  • Manage Time Off Rules
  • Manage Company Holidays
  • Year End Processing
  • Time Off Conflict Detection and Warnings

Leave Calculations and Policies

  • Support for Fiscal/Accrual Year, Employee Hire Date, Benefits Start Date, or Custom Date based calculations
  • Up to 12 color coded Leave Types (ie. Vacation, Sick, Personal, etc) per Program
  • Time Off Request Auto Approval (optional)
  • Enable / Disable accrual calculations per Leave Type
  • Hours / Days accrued per year and schedule (Daily, Weekly, X days, etc)
  • Carryover over balances with maximums and expirations
  • Negative time
  • Automatic assignment of Leave Program based on years of service

You don't have to take our word for it...

Jeni D.


We needed an extremely simple way to track our employees' vacation time. Previously it was just written down on paper. New ownership of the company took place and brought us to 21st century. I was tasked with finding a better method. Once we established a concrete company policy, it was very easy to implement and set up our Dashboard. I have not had one complaint regarding the usage of the software. I will be anxious to see how seamless going into the new year will be.

Heather S.


Time Off Cloud has been a wonderful tool for our organization! Prior to using this method, we used paper to keep track of employees’ time off. Now, with a simple click of the app or online dashboard, employees can conveniently request time off and they know exactly what is in their balance. Another great addition is that management can approve employees’ request conveniently. This app is wonderful, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for easier management and simplicity.

Philip B.


Time Off Cloud changed our HR depts lives. Instead of 10 spreadsheets tracking all time off we now have everything is one secure organized location. We also have no more need for a paper trail every time an employee takes off. But the best will be when our fiscal year ends and all our numbers will update automatically. Of course our auditors may be more happy with Time Off than we are.

Missy R.


We are so glad that we found Time Off Cloud. It has everything we were looking for to manage and track PTO for our employees. The set up was not difficult and our employees find it easy to use. The support team has been great – always responds promptly to questions! The price is reasonable and we highly recommend Time Off Cloud!

Julie J.


So far our company is very pleased with the system and the support.