Employee Time Off Tracking

Track employee time off easily & securely with Time Off Cloud and boost productivity today.

Time Off Tracking

The power and simplicity of Time Off Cloud makes the entire process easier. Requesting, approving, tracking, and reporting is efficient and accurate. You will find that moving from a labor intensive process with spreadsheets, paper forms and multiple calendars is simple. Above all, it will improve the accuracy of your company’s Time Off Tracking system. Your employees will appreciate the convenience of using a web and mobile vacation scheduling software solution.

Time Off Cloud Dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Consistent, accurate, and powerful administration
  • Mobile and Web employee self-service dashboards
  • Employee time off requests and approvals with rules and automations
  • Shared calendars
  • Realtime reporting, balances, and forecasting

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Adding a person to the organization within the system takes just a minute.  Firstly, the account owner provides the name, email, and specifies the role (Admin, Manager, Employee). Secondly, a leave program is chosen, as well as a program start date.

In addition, Time Off Cloud includes a visual org chart builder which is extremely useful for viewing the departments and managers.

Time Off Requests and Approvals

Tracking would be nothing without the Employee time off requests! Employees can request time off on the iOS and Android mobile apps. Likewise, requests can be made on the Time Off Cloud web portal. In addition, employees and managers have access to the company calendar, balances, and reporting.

The department Manager receives email notifications of time off requests. A customized view with warnings and potential scheduling conflicts makes it easy for the manager to make an informed decision.

In short, Time Off Cloud makes your company’s Time Off Tracking system simpler and more efficient for employees and managers alike!