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Published on October 25, 2018 by  Time Off
Time Off Cloud Presentation Cover Page

In this video, we will show some of the most important features of Time Off Cloud.

– Time Off Auth-Approval
– Time Off Request-Approval
– Admin Portal
– Employee Portal
– Accruals



Today, I am going to show you some of the useful features of Time Off Cloud.

Let’s go ahead and start with requesting time off.

No way! No more forms!

Employees can request time off using the iPhone and Android mobile apps or the web portal.

We will use my iPhone to request time off. I will show you the employee web portal in a bit.

Sick time is auto-approved in our company. Let’s take today off.

That’s it. I can go get some rest.

No paperwork, No phone calls, Nothing to worry about.

While I am recuperating… I think that I will plan my next vacation.

Let’s check to see how much vacation time I have remaining this year.

Ok cool, I have plenty.

Our company requires approval for vacation. I will request 5 days off.

Time Off’s workflow system makes this easy for everyone involved.

When my supervisor has approved my Time Off request, I will get notified in the app, and receive an email with a calendar file attachment.

Really quick, Let’s jump into the employee dashboard on the web.

There we have it. All of the same information in a web optimized view.

You have seen how easy requesting and tracking time off is for the employee.

Let’s take a look at the admin side of things.

I have already setup the companies Org Chart, Leave Programs, and invited the employees.

Let’s jump into the Time Off Requests screen.

I see that we have a few pending Time Off’s. Let’s run through them.

That is interesting. This employee has requested Time Off that conflicts with another person in the same department. Not a big deal for this department. Let’s do a quick review and approve it.

Wow, that was really easy. Life is good!

There you have it.

Your employees expect great tools like Time Off Cloud.

Get started today.

Thank you.

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