Time Off iOS and Android version 3 third update released

Published on October 24, 2016 by  Time Off
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Time Off v3 third update released October 24th, 2016.

iOS v3.1.1

Android v3.1.1

We can’t thank you enough for all the great feedback! Please keep it coming! All of the updates in this release are based on your feedback.

After the last release, some users experienced issues with the accruals and hire date. The new accruals engine pro-rates your time during your first year based on the hire date. Please double check your hire date is correct. It is important for the calculations. If you don’t want your time pro-rated in the first year, you can set the hire date to the same value as the fiscal year. We are working on a more elegant solution for this in the future.

Here is a summary of the changes in version 3.1.1…

iOS and Android

– Changed the default number of days to 1 when taking Time Off

– Added the ability to select additional fractional days for Time Off entries. Please note, we are working on a change to allow any value to be entered instead of the current pre-defined selections.

– Added the ability to select fractional hours worked per day. We are working on a change to allow any value to be entered here also.

iOS Only

– Fixed issue with the PDF report page breaks

– Fixed issue that some users were having where the start and end dates of Time Off did not match the total number of days

Android Only

– Fixed some reporting issues

– Changed Leave Type setup to allow 0 day selection

– Swapped position of the “+” for adding a job and the Report icon

– Updated the label for allotted time in the Accruals Wizard

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