Implementing a PTO Tracking System: Part 5

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Creating a Painless Paid Time Off Process Through Thoughtful Change Management

You know what your new policies look like, and you are excited about implementing simple, user-friendly PTO management software. However, you know that no one likes change. Your goal during this phase is to roll out the updated policies and the new time off tracking platform in a manner that encourages employee engagement along the way. Here’s how. 

Keeping Your Team Engaged Through the Implementation Phase 

Begin with transparent communication. Explain why you are implementing changes and the advantages that your team members will enjoy. Share a timeline for implementation and ensure you have a comprehensive training plan ready to go. 

Smooth Rollout = Employee Buy-In 

All that remains between now and Day 1 are logistics. Enter or import employee data, complete user training and ensure that each employee has the credentials needed to log in. Finally, double-check that users have the correct permissions based on their role. Any errors here will set your change efforts back. 

As system use starts in earnest, keep a close eye on adoption rates. Reporting features can produce the related data for you — no need to work through it manually. 

Finally, make sure the system is functioning properly with a brief audit of time off balances. Then, gather feedback from users on what’s working — and what isn’t. PTO management software developers regularly add features and functionality. Your feedback and suggestions may lead to updates that improve the platform for everyone.

Now What? 

Your policies have rolled out, and the new PTO management software is up and running. Check out our next installment: 

Part 6: Creating a Painless Paid Time Off Management Process – The Maintenance or Operating Phase

If you can’t wait for the next installment – or you want more detail – we have good news. The full Comprehensive Guide to Implementing a PTO System is available for download today.

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