Implementing a PTO Tracking System: Part 6

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Creating a Painless Paid Time Off Management Process – The Maintenance or Operating Phase

You have done a great job with creating new policies, selecting a new absence management platform, and rolling it out to your team. You have even done the work of measuring adoption rates and addressing bumps in the road. Is that it? Are you done? Can you put time off tracking out of your mind forever? Well, not exactly. 

Keeping Your Time Off Management Program Operating Smoothly

The changes that come along with implementing new PTO management software can be disruptive – even when your change management plan is thoughtful, and your training program is first-class. The good news is that before long, your team will reach a steady state. The new time off tracking system is fully integrated into your workflow, and its use becomes second nature. 

Even in this steady state, maximizing your return on investment requires an occasional check-in. Include regular assessments on your annual to-do list to ensure the system continues to add value to your business. Items to examine include the following: 

This type of monitoring ensures that If bumps in the road come up, you can get them corrected immediately – before employees and managers get frustrated.

The Year in Review 

The end of your plan year – whether that is the end of the calendar year, fiscal year, or another predetermined date – is a good time to review and update the data in your time off tracking system. In fact, some platforms require a year-end close-out procedure to calculate rollover, generate new data sets, and generally reset for a new benefits year. This routine maintenance shouldn’t be neglected – it ensures that the system continues to function as intended throughout the upcoming plan year. 

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